The winning campaign for the Net Impact: #WearItWise Sustainable Fashion Competition.  

The goal being to educate them about sustainable fashion while highlighting their power and agency to make a difference to the current fashion industry.


The Reworn Campaign focused on clothing care, disposal and repurposing. The underlying principle of the campaign was to make designers aware of their impact and influence within the fashion industry - shaping their creative vision to stimulate positive user behavior change around garment use.

Net Impact, in partnership the Levi Strauss Foundation, Eileen Fisher, Columbia Sportswear and Remake launched an international competition called #WearItWise. I won the competition as the leader of a social innovation campaign, named Reworn. I created and managed the awareness campaign about sustainable fashion principles by organizing live and digital communications. The Reworn campaign outreached over 500 student live and 65 000 Online.

Reworn spread on campus within a network of art and design students. We want to positively influence the new generation of creative change-makers to be more than just consumers.


The Upcycle Fashion competition challenge was for students to make a new upcycled outfit from previously used garments and scraps that were leftover from our earlier pop-up clothing swap event. The participants had a week to design and execute their finished garments This culminated with a final show-and-tell event where all teams showcased their designs, and discussed their process and final solutions with a curated panel of judges.


Final looks created from donated and recycled clothing scraps and garments.