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Ethical Fashion Brand
Product Design
Circular Economy
Business Design
Art Direction

Created by myself and two partners, Sarah Gloor and Eva Komvos.

Robin Grey: Ethical Fashion Brand

Our philosophy focuses on the following values - curiosity, balance, and courage. We engaged in the field of fashion because first, this industry offers a lot of potential for positive change, and second, what we wear is a daily decision and touches on every human life.

Our Mission: Foster social, environmental, and financial development within the textile industry

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With consideration of all phases in the product life cycle, production, development, sourcing, usage, distribution and all the element this system influence. We wanted to close the loop in a circular design model. 

Robin Grey Coats was made by local woman from the Houtbay community with Alpaca wool and hemp biodegradable material. Our alpaca wool was sourced from surrounding alpaca farms in the Western Cape. On all the farms, the animals have a lot of land to roam around freely. In summer, they even enjoy cold water showers to better endure the heat. All off-cuts of the coat product is made into laptop bags, which is also use as training project in sewing and skill building for the local community.


With the incorporation of GreyC2, Non-profit organization, we hosted training initiatives for the local woman to enhance their sewing knowledge, and life skills to support entrepreneurial goals. 

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South Africa’s textile industry

There is a lack of high quality employment solutions in the fashion industry in South Africa due to outsourcing of manufacturing from the local market to the Asian market, which started around 15 years ago. Therefore, there are many skilled but unemployed people. We decided to invest our resources into reviving the industry by engaging the available talent in the production process.

The design elements are all inspired by local South African plants, natural elements and symbols. The print design is based on the traditional Xhosa fabric designs, named Shwe-Shwe.

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