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Corporate Behavior Change brief: By using sustainable corporate analysis tools, such as Sswot, Blue Ocean Tools, Stakeholder engagement maps and Value proposition canvas, find opportunities to enhance companies sustainability practices that will influence consumer behavior change. 

We used G-Star Raw as a company which has the opportunity to close the loop in the product life cycle with product maintenance initiatives and product disposal education & support platforms. The solution is to reclaim their products when customers are ready to dispose of them, and recycle the textile. As an already existing policy, G-Star Raw is moving away for textile mixtures, and keeping 100% organic cotton products separate from recycled plastic products. 

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Raw for U is broken into three section, return & recycle, customization and tracking the serial of your product. By using the Cradle-to-Cradle and Circular Economy as models, RAW for U motivates the customer to return their used jeans to G-Star and have the opportunity to reuse them again. With voucher incentives, the customer can return their product and customize their new jeans using elements of their old denims.

gstar 2.jpg

Customer Behavior Strategy Map- lead by Corporate Behavior change

RAW for U educates the customer on already existing transparency of information from G-Star, allowing them to trace the origin of their product, and the future of the new. All information and customer detail will be connected to the product serial number. The serial number will also provide personal shopping information of the previous purchase. 

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Instore Concept Merchandising and Branding for RAW for U, G-Star RAW

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