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GOOODS: A digital local market for food sharing

The problem statement

The World Health Organisation regards poor nutrition as the most important threat to the world’s health, outside the pandemic. From rural to urban environments many people struggle to access healthy foods and the current food system is geared at steering customers to unhealthy food choices.

Access to healthy foods has only been further restricted by the pandemic. The ban on public street markets and vendors further served to hurt the community. Resulting in over 40 – 85% of all small-scale food producers in developing regions' livelihoods being compromised. 

We look deeper into this by doing further research. By doing face-to-face interviews with local food vendors, an online survey of 106+ participants, and market benchmarking, we have found that there is a definite interest and need for people living in cities to reconnect with their food.

Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 21.20.28.png

How might we create a future of food by empowering local communities with access and ownership of healthy food? 

We create a digital local market during the time of COVID 19 restriction,  where home growers and small vendors can exchange, sell or share their fresh produce based on their location and availability. 

Meet the users:

The home grower, the vendor, and the service providers, like the composter. Together they form a community empowered food system hosted by the GOOODS platform. 


The home grower gets access to healthy food through the app by sharing homegrown goods or buying from vendors based on their location. They can access different delivery options and connect with their community through rating and storytelling. 


The local vendors will also get a wider audience of buyers through the app and build a deeper relationship with their community by telling their story and connecting the users to their food and their partnership network.


Additionally, there will be community base compost service providers that will collect food waste and sell compost back to the growing healthy food community. 

Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 21.20.45.png

The digital platform:

A simple and personality-filled application and web equivalent that is enjoyable and simple to use for all users. 

  • Simple and playful interface.

  • Location-based.

  • Tracking & transparency.

  • Rating and certification.  

With the featured base subscription model, there are levels of engagement that are catered to the specific needs of the users. 


Contracts between vendors and B2C customers will be tracked by the blockchain for transparency.

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 16.59.22.png
Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 20.47.26.png

The outcome: 


  • Localising /Shorting supply chain.

  • Transparency in the food supply.

  • Nutrition- Access and changing perceptions of healthy food.

  • Reduce food waste -  through sharing food and composting.

  • Employment- Providing digital services to small produce vendors.

And secondary: 

  • Rewilding the urban environment.

  • Building stronger community relationships.

  • Building stronger communities of small produce vendors – building like-minded Co-ops.

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